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  • No 32 Spring 2014

    4 números /  € 6,26

    Family Care

    Help for seniors + families with health and disability needs

    You’re not alone! Family Care is published quarterly for older people and anyone caring for others or ‘self caring’ at home. Wellbeing advice, heartwarming stories, practical tips, columns, reviews, easy recipes, useful things, and lots of reader gift draws! What help is out there for you? Family Care has answers you won’t find in any other publication.
  • 2012

    1 número  /  € 3,49

    NHK見えるぞ!ニッポン かたちで覚えよう! はじめての都道府県

    小学校3・4年生におすすめ! クイズで覚える都道府県

    「坂本龍馬とカツオで有名なこの形の県は?」。NHKのEテレで放送されている「見えるぞ! ニッポン」の番組をもとに、クイズと白地図チェックで構成。47都道府県の基本をたのしみながら覚えられます。中学校や高校での歴史や地理の学習にも欠かせない日本地図の知識。各都道府県の正確な位置や大きさもあわせてマスターしましょう。■ご注意ください■※電子版では権利処理などの都合上、一部コンテンツやコーナーを掲載しておりません。ご了承ください。
  • January 2015

    12 números /  € 14,71

    Reader's Digest Singapore

    No wonder this is the world's most widely read magazine

    Hard-hitting, thought-provoking and entertaining, with interesting features in each issue. This magazine is packed with features short enough to read in one sitting, but stimulating enough to keep you thinking for days.
  • Anniversary 2014

    12 números /  € 8,93

    Reader's Digest Hong Kong 讀者文摘香港版

    閱讀生活 共享精彩

    《讀者文摘》是具有品牌指標性的國際刊物,為全球讀者人數最多的雜誌,以50個版本,20種語言,在60多個國家發行。 《讀者文摘》中文版於1965年3月在香港創刊,是有史以來最受歡迎的中文月刊,主要的發行地區為香港、台灣、新加坡和馬來西亞。內容包括激勵人心的真實故事、溫馨莞爾的小品、開懷篇、中英對照,以及生活上各式實用新知等,帶給讀者正面向上的力量,並為中文寫作及英文學習的良好典範。本刊讀者不分年紀與性別,都具備好奇心與幽默感,以及相信人人都有改變世界的力量,這正是本刊的魅力與成功所在。
  • Anniversary 2014

    12 números /  € 9,82

    Reader's Digest Taiwan 讀者文摘台灣版

    閱讀生活 共享精彩

    《讀者文摘》是具有品牌指標性的國際刊物,為全球讀者人數最多的雜誌,以50個版本,20種語言,在60多個國家發行。 《讀者文摘》中文版於1965年3月在香港創刊,是有史以來最受歡迎的中文月刊,主要的發行地區為香港、台灣、新加坡和馬來西亞。內容包括激勵人心的真實故事、溫馨莞爾的小品、開懷篇、中英對照,以及生活上各式實用新知等,帶給讀者正面向上的力量,並為中文寫作及英文學習的良好典範。本刊讀者不分年紀與性別,都具備好奇心與幽默感,以及相信人人都有改變世界的力量,這正是本刊的魅力與成功所在。
  • January 2015

    12 números /  € 7,60

    Living and Loving

    The best tip, hints and parenting advice

    Living and Loving Magazine is South Africa’s most trusted source of parenting information from conception to pregnancy, through birth and the baby years. In our fast-paced, modern world, the challenges facing mothers are greater than they’ve ever been, and we’re there to support them every step of their journey. Each month we pack the magazine full of sensible advice and the most up-to-date information from a panel of over 25 of South Africa’s leading baby and child experts.
  • January 2015

    12 números /  € 7,31

    Your Family

    Everything today's mom wants

    Need a quick and easy recipe? What about a creative craft idea for a homemade gift? Or some practical advice on everything from parenting to health, family matters and food? Your Family is the all-in-one magazine for busy, working moms. Expect tried-and-tested easy suppers, the best advice on family health and wellbeing; not to mention expert tips on organising her home and saving money. Your Family – it’s about simplifying and balancing her day, so she can celebrate the best of family life.
  • Japanese for daily life

    1 número  /  € 8,82


    Conversation Book for Everyday Japanese and Filipino!

    This book is published to help Filipino speaker in Japan enjoy a richer life. Useful at work,at school and in the neighborhood more than 6,000words and phrases!! There are Japanese and Filipino phrases in this book. It is diveided into 61 conversational situations.Each situation is filled eith practical content to help get by eith daily life.Also you'll be able to enjoy simple conversations with people about hobbies,popular trends,Japanese culture,and so on. It is very useful for studying Japanese. Especially,the original illustration written in this book will help you find words very quickly even if you are in a hurry. In addition, Chapeter 2 provedes tips for making friends with Japanese and for living comfortably in Japan. Why will you use this book to enhance your Japanese life! 「旅の指さし会話帳」の新シリーズ!この書籍は日本で暮らすフィリピン語圏の方のための会話帳です。 様々な場面で本当に役立つ言葉を厳選しているので、フィリピン語圏から来た方々と接する機会のある日本人にとっても、会話ツールとしてお使い頂けます。生活ルール、各種手続きなど、日本に住む外国人の方々に役立つ言葉を6000語以上収録。 すべての言葉やフレーズにフィリピノ語と日本を併記していますので、誰でも簡単にお使い頂けるようにデザインされています。 生活ルール、災害予防局のハンドブックとしてや、外国人労働者・研修生を受ける企業様の研修ツールとしてご活用ください。 ●「指さし」および「YUBISASHI」は株式会社情報センター出版局の登録商標です。 ●「YUBISASHI」は株式会社情報センター出版局の国際登録商標です。 (c)2012 Joho Center Publishing Co,.Ltd.
  • December 2014 - January 2015

    12 números /  € 10,06

    Working Mom

    Create A Life That Works for You

    Working Mom magazine helps you find your personal balance and create a life that works for you. Know what matters. Make the best choices. Be inspired by fellow moms. Love every minute of your busy (but fulfilling!) life.
  • Good Housekeeping Easy Everyday Meals Volume 6

    1 número  /  € 3,22

    Good Housekeeping Easy Everyday Meals Volume 6

    Planning your family’s meals everyday can become difficult when you’ve exhausted your mental recipe book. Why not get the help that you need from Good Housekeeping’s Cookbook Vol. 6 for easy everyday meals with over 100 recipes for when you’ve got only 20, 30 or 40 minutes in the day to prepare a sumptuous feast. Find the Quick Kitchen Guide in case you’re missing some ingredients or need to convert common measurements at home. Use the tips offered and the Meal Planner to map out breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week ahead.
  • Good Housekeeping Fast & Easy Volume 7

    1 número  /  € 3,22

    Good Housekeeping Fast & Easy Volume 7

    We know what it’s like to be surprised by unexpected guests, or to have only half an hour to get dinner on the table, which is why you will notice that the chapters are entitled “Serve dinner in 30”, “Welcome unexpected Guests” and “Cook on the Cheap”, among others. As always, Good Housekeeping will be your best friend in all things food, entertaining and kitchen! Grab your copy of Good Housekeeping’s Volume 7 now!
  • Good Housekeeping Fast & Easy Volume 9

    1 número  /  € 3,22

    Good Housekeeping Fast & Easy

    Cooking on a budget? Buy your copy of Good Housekeeping’s Cookbook Volume 8! Fast and easy recipes that will fit any family’s budget. With chapters like “Easy as 1, 2, 3- No fuss, No frills, whip up dishes in 5 minutes or less”, “Budget baon- Prep, Pack and go!” and “Par-Tipid- Party on a budget? Yes, you can!” you cant go wrong at satisfying everyone- even your wallet!
  • Decembre 2014 - Janvier 2015

    6 números /  € 7,01


    La référence des parents québécois

    On a tous besoin de trucs pour se faciliter la vie quand on est papa ou maman! Yoopa, LA référence des parents québécois, propose des articles variés sur l'alimentation, la psychologie, la santé, les loisirs, les sorties, etc. Des spécialistes et des parents qui sont passés par là font part de leur expérience pour alléger et agrémenter le quotidien des familles.
  • Issue 1

    1 número  /  € 6,77

    Wellbeing Parenting

    Your complete guide to creating a healthy, happy family

    Parenting is primal. It is the communication from the past to the present which connects us to the ongoing stream of humanity and therefore life itself. There is no road map or right and wrong answers for parenting; it is about picking what works for you and your family. WellBeing Parenting explores this wonderful and terrifying, undreamed expanse that is parenthood. The magazine offers insights for its readers, allowing them to choose whatever is appropriate to their own experiences.
  • December 2014

    12 números /  € 10,19


    Easy, delicious recipes for families on a tight food budget.

    recipes+ brings readers more than 300 scrumptious recipes and helpful cooking tips every month. The recipes are affordable, simple to prepare and cook, and created with readily available supermarket ingredients. The monthly meal planner in each issue, with 20 budget-wise and nutritionally balanced recipes, helps readers save time and money.
  • Real Living's Great Condo Ideas and Makeovers

    1 número  /  € 3,22

    Real Living's Great Condo Ideas and Makeovers

    Real Living is back with more space smart tips and makeover ideas with 101 Great Condo Ideas and Makeovers. Tackling different issues such as storage, color scheme, layout, color and one-room living, this book is bound to help you solve those condo concerns of yours. Learn how Real Living turns a small unit look more spacious with the right shade of paint and make one room a multi-functional space by bringing in the right elements. With this book, living a charmed life despite a limited floor area has never been this chic and easy.
  • Real Livings 30 Beautiful Homes Vol.2

    1 número  /  € 3,22

    Real Living's 30 Beautiful Homes

    Real Living rounds up its best of the best Real Homes in its first ever 30 Beautiful Homes series. Get inspired by 100 pages of full-color photographs and snag ideas on how to translate these looks into your own home.  Packed with 30 stylish spaces, from tropical to modern, and eclectic to condo, you are sure to pick up great styling and home ideas to make your home into a gorgeous space that is attainable, livable, and truly inspiring!  
  • Annual 2014

    1 número  /  € 3,70

    Recipe Book

    Cooking for Comfort, Eating for Pleasure

    The 2013 edition of the Appetite Recipes Annual is filled with 48 creations ranging from easy dishes for weeknights and languorous meals for weekends to tempting desserts and refreshing cocktails. They are all irresistibly delicious and just the things to bond over with friends and family. 
  • 2012

    1 número  /  € 2,17

    Huisgenoot Speel

    Dié gids verskaf vinnige, maklike en goedkoop oplossings vir die “wat kan ons doen”-probleem.

    Min dinge laat ’n ouer so moedeloos voel as daar ’n vakansie of lang naweek aanbreek en daardie klein stemmetjies begin kla: “Ons is VERVEELD,” EN “Wat kan ons DOEN, ma?” Dié gids verskaf vinnige, maklike en goedkoop oplossings vir die “wat kan ons doen”-probleem. Tussen die meer as 160 doendinge sal jou kinders beslis iets vind wat hul belangstelling prikkel en hulle besig hou. Baie aktiwiteite kan deur die hele gesin saam gedoen word, en bevorder ook jou kind se sosiale, fisieke en verstandelike vaardighede.
  • 2012

    1 número  /  € 2,17

    You Play

    Kids are bound to find something to keep them busy and interested

    Few things dishearten parents more than a holiday or long weekend ahead with those little voices complaining, “We’re BORED,” and “We’ve got nothing to DO, mom!” This guide provides quick, easy and inexpensive solutions to the “what can we do” problem. With more than 160 activities on offer, your kids are bound to find something to keep them busy and interested. Many activities are for the whole family and also promote the development of your child’s mental, social and physical skills.
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